Your personal eye in the sky: the many benefits of hiring a private investigator

So, what do you do when someone you love or care for goes missing? Call 911? Put their picture on a milk carton? Print out flyers and pass them around? What if you’re looking for some one, or some people who don’t want to be found? What then?

Private investigation and the whole hiring a private investigator business are as old as man’s organization into communities. There was always some nosy guy in the village that people would go to whenever they needed some information about something, or someone. In Georgia you would hire a private investigator Atlanta. It’s the same thing now only this time it’s official business that includes signing legal papers and stuff like that. In the modern world, private eyes have been used for all kinds of investigative business. Private investigators can help locate people who have gone missing, help uncover cheating spouses or teenagers are doing drugs, basically anything that can help you get any dirt on anyone, or lead you to whatever answers you’re looking for.

Hiring a private investigator has several obvious benefits

Some Pursuits Can Be Dangerous

Now, back to finding people who don’t want to be found… or people you fear might be violent. Sometimes they’re not strangers at all… but you suspect or almost definite they’d still pull a weapon on and harm you, or worse. Going after such people or poking your nose around such people’s affairs may not be a good idea. Hiring a private investigator is the closest you can come to feeling like you did it yourself! But still be safe. There’s a code of operation in the private eye business that’s similar to what professional doctors have with their patients so you can be sure they’ll never rat you out.

Private investigators use technology daily in their job.

Private investigators use technology daily in their job.

This means you can still make a dangerous pursuit without putting yourself in harm’s way. Maybe it’s important to mention that many private investigators are already licensed and trained gun owners. Some even take it further and learn the smooth art of close hand-to-hand combat techniques like Krav Maga or Tai Chi and the likes. In short, they’re well equipped for the trade; magnifying glass, long coat, a little hat, leather boots, everything a private investigator needs for the job! The whole Sherlock Holmes thing… So you can be sure that if or when they get hurt during your assignment… God forbid!… it wasn’t your fault. Maybe they can charge you extra, but that’s close to nothing compared to the hurt they sometimes take for you by the time the dust settles on a case!

You Automatically Become Omnipresent

Wherever the private investigator goes during your assignment means you’re there with them. Whatever they hear, you hear… and whatever they see, you see. It’s like mutating to an instant twin! The means or mode of passing information between you and your private investigator depends on the assignment at hand or the risks involved. Whichever way… you’ll definitely have your own way to pass vital information about the case; whether in printed data, audio or video recordings, phone calls, and emails… anything that works for your particular case. Have you watched the TV series “Cheaters”?

A private detective shows video evidence to a client that proves her husband is cheating on her.

A private detective shows video evidence to a client that proves her husband is cheating on her.

There’s also this little fact about not being able to follow people who know what you look like. Of course they can spot you from miles away and disappear into the horizon or attack you which makes your private investigating not so private now… doesn’t it?

The Element of Surprise

The joy of finding a lost loved one through a private investigator can only be closely equated to the satisfaction you feel when you catch someone who thought they couldn’t be caught… seeing that mixture of surprise, embarrassment, anger and all kinds of weird expressions on their faces… it’s priceless! Heck, it can blow you away too…!

Every case always has that element of surprise at the end. No matter who’s on the receiving end… or why? And that’s the excitement of it…

Guaranteed Focus and Dedication to Solving Your Case

To some level, you are assured that your case is well taken care of at all times by a professional. Well, that depends on the professionalism of your chosen private investigator. All in all, established private eyes are extremely dependable and only a few lazy, unscrupulous characters would dare charge you for hours not earned.

Remember that you’re paying for someone to listen for you, see for you, and plan plus actually execute long-hours stake outs even if it means being there overnight. Dedicated private investigators know how to get results and they also know that the best way to maintain you as a customer or encourage you to refer customers to them is by quality delivery… and that’s exactly what you receive. Dedicated focus on solving your jigsaw puzzle.

You’re Free to Go on With Your Life

Of course, this is rather obvious right? Hiring a private investigator will take the stress of having to reorganize your daily schedules just to find time for your inspector gadget gig. You can only have 24 hours in a day and some snooping may take more than a quarter to a half of that… or even the whole day. Some investigations take months or years or require you to travel to different locations… and some of us work! Therefore hiring a private eye frees up time for you to get on with your normal life. Arrangements for meeting or any other affairs can be discussed through whichever means you’ve decided on or are convenient for you… even Morse code!

There’s a Private Eye for Your Dollar

And now, to the good part… the issue of affordability. Finding a good private investigator doesn’t have to be expensive. No, not at all, not if you’re street smart anyway…

But please note, you should carry out your research properly first. Unless it’s a really pressing matter, which again, you’d be doing yourself a favor if you took a little time (even a few hours…) to hunt down the best and most affordable private investigator.

Since the private investigating industry blew up and went commercial a couple of years back, the market has almost become saturated and hiring a good private investigator has become somewhat cheaper. Ever heard of private investigators who take up on some cases for free? Yes, it happens, but all depends on the case at hand and how much you’re willing to spend, or can afford. One thing is for sure though… your few coins can land you a worthwhile private eye if you know where to look, or who to talk to.

The Final Word: Should You Consider Hiring a Private Investigator?

So there you have it… everything you need to know about finding or hiring a private investigator and why. Well, almost… and that’s because there’s one more important thing, how to find the best private eye services.

Not everyone or every case needs the services of a private investigator, but in case you do, then… The best way to find hired help, especially in the service provision industry is by asking for referrals that are well known to friends, family or close acquaintances. However, finding a private eye should be a private affair, therefore, you should also be careful who you talk to because you might end up blowing your mission wide open before the case begins!

Once you’ve located a good private investigator, you can go into negotiations to get the best price or at least match what you can afford. Remember, hiring private investigators can help locate people who have gone missing among so many other things such as “pet-napped companions (kidnapped pets…)”.

Pick up your phone today and talk to a private investigator… crack that case that has been gnawing on your souls for a while… get your results!

So, should you hire a private investigator or talk to one when the situation calls for it? YES!